Great rates paid for your old vehicles

When it’s not worth repairing your old 4WD, let our wreckers take it off your hands. Full Boar 4×4 takes vehicles in all states of disrepair from anywhere in Toowoomba, including those that are unable to move. We make sure every useable part of the vehicle is reconditioned and the scrap metal is sent to specialty recyclers.

Bring in your old vehicle to our yard today or call anytime for our free car wreck removal service.

Secondhand Parts

If you’re looking for a reliable source of affordable 4WD parts for your regular maintenance or even a restoration project, our yard should be your first stop. Engines, gearboxes and differentials are all reconditioned and cleaned for reuse.

For a full list of parts on offer, see our Spare Parts page.

Used Vehicles

The smartest 4WD owners in Toowoomba got their vehicles from our second-hand car lot. These fully functioning and reconditioned vehicles sell for crazy low prices. A huge variety of styles are on offer, so come down and have a look around, you’re sure to pick up a bargain.

Car Removal

Full Boar 4×4 knows how busy our customers are, that’s why we offer a convenient and free car removal service across the Toowoomba region. Our wreckers can haul away your derelict vehicle to our car yard, earning you fast money with little to no effort! Just call and let our team know where the vehicle is and what condition it is in.

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