Rebuilds & Conversions

Get top of the line performance from your engine

At Full Boar 4×4, we take our 4WD vehicles seriously, and ‘stock standard’ is never good enough for us. That’s why our fully equipped workshop takes on engine rebuilding, conversions and modifications.

For a free quote on our engine services or some expert advice on the best way to get more out of your 4×4, simply call our team today.

Engine Rebuilds

If your engine is running rougher than ever, don’t just replace it, come to our specialists for a complete rebuild service. Most modern engines are highly versatile and durable, so when a particular part breaks down, it can be replaced with the same model or an upgraded one. Thanks to our brilliant mechanics and huge parts range, we can completely rebuild your engine at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Confident in your own mechanical skills? We also stock a number of engine rebuild kits, which contain all the spares you’ll need—such as plugs, seals, oil pumps—to perform the rebuild yourself. Of course there are risks involved, so we recommend speaking to us for expert advice first.

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Not satisfied with the factory standard model? Full Boar 4×4 can take your engine to the next level with complete conversions. While keeping the rest of your vehicle intact, we can swap out your whole engine for a different one—even from other manufacturers. Our mechanics then perform all the necessary adjustments to ensure your vehicle runs correctly with the new engine.

Full Boar 4X4 specializes in 4WD engine conversions, offering a range of vehicle and engine configurations to enhance performance. From converting Nissan Patrol 3L Diesel to TD 42 and Cummins 6BT, Toyota Hilux to Barra or LS, to Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 to 1HDT or 1HD-FTE, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide further performance modifications including upgrading intercoolers, injector pumps, and stainless exhaust systems. Trust us to transform your 4WD vehicle for optimal power and efficiency.


To get more out of your existing engine, Full Boar 4×4 can perform a range of modifications, which greatly improve performance. This might mean adding a secondary air filter, reducing weight or installing a turbo system. These are just some of the many benefits our modifications can make:

  • Extra power
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Increased air intake

All modifications are quoted on a case-by-case basis, as the parts required and the labour hours vary greatly between projects. Call us or email in your specifications to discuss pricing and time frames.

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